Nylon Balaclava-Camouflage Urban W11S15E Online

Nylon Balaclava-Camouflage Urban W11S15E

  • Camouflage Urban Nylon Balaclava

Use this basic balaclava of thin, stretchable polyester in modern, urban camouflage to protect your neck and head from the elements. Lightweight and smooth, with an ample opening for your face, this slim hood is perfect for added insulation under thicker hats or helmets. You will like the urban pattern and design of the simple construction of 2 panels of fabric, but you will love the weather tested versatility of function and easy packability of this balaclava. Made of 100% Polyester. Measures 13 long, 7 wide. Machine washable. ONE SIZE fits most. Available in olive, solid black, and 3 camoflages; urban, woodland, desert. Imported.

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Large Extreme Pak Invisible Camoflauge Pattern 39
Sale: $ 19.95
Was: $ 58.95

  • polyester
  • Features zippered closure
  • removable, adjustable shoulder strap.

“Features zippered closure

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