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Camo Fleece Fingerless Glove - City Camo

  • City Camo Fleece Fingerless Glove

If you are looking for warm and comfortable gloves for this winter, this City Camo Fleece Fingerless Glove is here for you! Made from 100% polyester and featuring fingerless gloves with flip top, your fingers can move freely and stay extra warm at the same time. Thumb is not fingerless and when you are feeling extra cold and you want your fingers no longer to be exposed, you can simply flip the top cover on and your glove becomes like a full mitten. Also, wrist part of this glove is made from stretchable material and the glove measures 8 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide. This glove is very soft material and it is very comfortable when you wear it. Sizes are available in M/L or L/XL. Check out our Camo Fleece Fingerless Gloves in different colors as well. Made of 100 % Polyester. M/L and L/XL are available. Thumb is not fingerless, it has flip top. Thinsulate Insulation and Thick Material. Constructed from stretchable material for wrist. Measuring 8 inches long, 4 ½ inches wide. Available in camo, grey, digital and brown camo. Imported.

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